Company Business Structure

A company structure is a pretty complex type of business structure. It’s great if you are making a decent profit. A company is a separate legal entity So the company becomes likes its own person. Own TFN, ABN and ACN. When it comes to getting sued, it’s on the company and the company’s assets (not […]

Sole Trader Business Structure

The best place to start off (usually). A sole trader business structure is essentially one individual who owns and operates the business. They’re the one who is responsible for all aspects of it. The sole owner can use their individual Tax File Number to lodge their tax returns Because of this, you are not considered […]

Travel Diaries

I know this may seem onerous to think of keeping a diary when you are already trying to work while away but what if I told you that it would put a lot of money back in your pocket you could spend on your “holiday”? There is an overseas diary and a domestic diary depending […]

Single Touch Payroll

A big change that is being rolled out as of July 1st for all employers (those of you who a larger businesses would already be used to this, as it was implemented for you earlier). This is the new way of reporting tax and super information to the ATO. This means that your employees can […]

Business Structure Overview

Get to know your business structures! We’re going to give you a run down and introduction to the main structure types for businesses, so you’ve got the basics down pat. This structure overview will explain what do they do, why we need them, and which one is the best for you. Choosing the right structure […]

The Ultimate Guide To Car Logbooks

Whether you are in business or an employee, your work responsibilities may require you to use your own vehicle. You may need to visit clients, travel between locations, make home calls, etc; this is when you need to seriously consider keeping a car logbook. I have a question; do you want to be leaving valuable […]

BGL Smart Sign

We are now using BGL Smart Sign as a much more efficient and effective way of sending out your Super documents, and allowing you to digitally sign them and return them without having to print it off! Check out the step by step instructions on how you go about setting up your profile and signing […]