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This is what makes us different. We don’t just look at your business, we look at your numbers to help you achieve your financial goals. AA4A gives you control of your finances having a balance and security across both your business and personal life, while working towards securing your financial future.


By understanding tax law and keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation, we can plan and help manage your cash flow, and identify where you can minimise your tax. We can assist you with business succession planning as well as business finance.


The winning formula of having your bookkeeper and accountant on the same track enables you to maximise your deductions, therefore making the tax man work for you.

Self Managed Super Funds

Super is an investment in your future and that of your family.  SMSFs are a tax-effective way to invest your money and save for retirement.  The overall tax paid on your superannuation investments are generally a lot less than for those held personally.

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I have been using the services of the Superior Accounting Solutions group for my company, for my personal tax, and for my self-managed super fund (which they helped me set up) since 2004. During that time I have watched them grow into a dynamic company with cutting-edge staff. Their helpful, proactive guidance has saved me thousands of dollars, and they have always answered my many queries with a friendly smile and accurate advice.

The average accountant is often just a glorified (and expensive) bookkeeping service. SAS’ commitment to their clients’ financial growth sets them apart from the others.

Tim G

I first got in contact with SAS after they were recommended to me by a mentor. I didn’t think it was possible to hire an accountant that would bend over backwards to help me get every last cent I was entitled to from the tax office.

But after my first tax return, I was astonished about how large my return was and thought there must be some mistake. Up until that stage, I was lucky if I could afford a bottle of wine with the returns I’d been receiving and now, not only could I afford a bottle wine but I could afford it overlooking my favourite beach in Queensland!

It’s all true and best of all… legal!

In 2006, I convinced my father to drop his accountant of 30 years and give SAS a try. At first he baulked at the hourly rates charged as they were more than double that of our old accountant, but he ended up paying about the same fees and guess what? He got a very healthy return too. In fact, his first positive return in 14 years!

Not only was the taxation aspect rewarding, SAS also helped us set up a great asset protection strategy with our investments and now we can sleep soundly knowing our assets are safe from greedy litigants and their hungry lawyers.

Needless to say, moving to SAS was the best move we have done and we have no hesitation in recommending SAS to any prospective clients. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and they leave no stone unturned in putting together a great return for us. Instead of tax time being a stressful time of year for us, this experience has actually been pleasurable and we now look forward to it! Thanks SAS, you’re simply the best!

Garry M.

You always give fantastic advice, every year I learn new ways of getting the advantages from tax. I find Superior Accounting extremely thorough and very proactive. I always receive a prompt reply and you stay in touch helping me make the right choices. You’re like a lifeline and give me reassurance whilst on my journey.

Shanyn P. & Wayne P.

Our primary concern in finding a tax accountant was to locate one who understood property investments and how to handle them from a tax perspective to claim back the maximum allowable refund.

After talking with Adrian and discussing property investment, Adrian asked if we had ever had a depreciation schedule done. We had not and therefore he recommended we get one done. Following the depreciation schedule, we had Superior Accounting submit an amended return for us and were pleasantly surprised with the amount we received back from the tax office – far more than we expected.

Superior Accounting have been very professional in handling our accounts and obtaining the maximum refund they can from the tax office. They have been timely, correct and keep up with the tax regulations; they know their stuff. More importantly, they have treated us on a personal level not as a client or number. They have provided first class service and expert knowledge about tax filing.

Peter C.

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