Dental equipment is expensive and can put a big dent in the bank account but is a necessity that can’t be avoided. Trying to get cheaper equipment and better deals from suppliers can be difficult but are beneficial in helping lessen the blow to the budget. We have some tips on how you can get […]

Coronavirus Stimulus Package

With the crazy unprecedented times that the Corona outbreak has had on so many business, the government have announced a stimulus package to help you get through this time.  This package takes shape in many different forms, and hopefully, in someway or another, will be able to assist you, your family and staff through this […]

The Importance of a Business Plan

The Importance of a Business Plan They are essential, and if you do not already have one, then you are already one-step behind. You don’t believe it? Well I am about to explain to you why. It gives you direction It makes you question things, and research them. An empire is not built overnight after […]

Home Office Expenses

Home Office Expenses Not many people know that when you work from home you can actually claim a lot back, sometimes on things you wouldn’t have even thought about like water usage, heating, cooling and even cleaning. I’m hoping today we will be able to better educate you on what you can and can’t claim […]

Trust Business Structure

In essence, a trust business structure is used to help minimise liability. It is done by putting a trustee in charge of the administration of the assets for it. The trustee can be an individual, a member, or even a company. They are set up like this because the trustee becomes personally liable for the […]

How to avoid the surprise tax bill

Leave all of the tricks for Halloween, we only want the treats here.Here are the best tricks (or should we say treats?) to avoid that big surprise tax bill this financial year. PAYG Instalments This is where you start to put money towards, and pay off the expected tax debt that you would have at […]

Partnership Business Structure

A partnership business structure works best when there is more than one person (up to 20 people) that decide to go into business together. There are two types of partnerships, general and limited.  A general partnership shares equal responsibility and ownership amongst partners, and has unlimited liability when it comes to debt. A limited partnership on […]