Mandy has been working at our office for too many years that we’ve lost count 😉 and is an integral part of its function and is definitely part of the face of the business, along with Adrian and Anita. So, I think it’s only right we get to know the famous Mandy on a personal level and what she does outside of work and learn about where she grew up and her childhood.

Mandy was actually born in Texas, America where she grew up until she was 13 years old and moved with her family to Australia. She has an older sister and a younger brother and is very close with her whole family.

What made Mandy want to get into accounting? Well, she had a love for numbers, which I don’t think many of us could say unless it involves bank account numbers!! She started accounting when she finished high school but soon changed her career into demand planning. Customer service has always been a huge part of her passion and her career and she only went back into the accounting area when she joined Superior Accounting Group.

Now she is basically the do it all in the business, she does bookkeeping/accounting, HR, customer service I mean she is just an all-rounder! She is one to definitely keep around the business not only for her skills but for her bubbly personality we all fell in love with. She brightens up the office and you can’t help but have a laugh around Mandy.

Outside of the office she loves to spend time with her 2 boys, which can include going to watch them on the motorbike track. She is also very passionate about her horses and lives on acres so loves to ride her horses in her spare time. Not only that but she has a special place in her heart for her fur-kids (dogs) like a lot of us have.

I hope that gives you a real look into the life of Mandy, that you may or may not have known about her and you now know her on a more personal level, than just the person who handles your books/customer service.