Travel Diaries

Business Travel Diary

I know this may seem onerous to think of keeping a diary when you are already trying to work while away but what if I told you that it would put a lot of money back in your pocket you could spend on your “holiday”?

There is an overseas diary and a domestic diary depending on where you’re travelling. In an overseas travel diary and a domestic diary, you have to keep both written evidence and a travel diary, the only time you don’t need to keep a travel diary is when you travel for less than six nights in a row.

What do we mean when we say written evidence, I hear you all asking?

Written evidence will be things like receipts of purchases, tickets for activities or other things, emails and other documents that can be provided so you are compensated for and don’t pay out of your own pocket. Also, so your boss knows you aren’t using and abusing his money.

What should you keep in your travel diary?

Well, you need to ensure you note down your travel movements and activities like day and date, where you are, what you did and the start and finish times of those specific activities.

That’s basically all you need to do; I mean that’s not a lot and requires little effort. You just need to make sure you record the times of activities during the session or immediately after and ensure your diary is only written in English.

The last but most exciting thing to note is the ATO travel allowance you can receive. Travel allowance is a payment made to an employee to cover costs of accommodation, food, drink or incidental expenses they could incur. I mean whilst its work it is a free holiday so go live it up!!

Did you know we have an example travel diary template you can use?

We also have more information not covered in this blog and more detail on the things covered as well. If you would like to know more on travel diaries go onto our YouTube page and check out our Webinar presented by Adrian Hill that will be coming out on the 11th of September so mark it in your diaries!!