Mini Webinars

The Importance Of Keeping A Budget

This video talks about setting your financial goals and gives you a tool to manage and measure those goals to see if you are achieving them.

Why You Should Use A SMSF?

This video discusses the main benefits of using an SMSF vs leaving it with an industry fund.

How To Use BGL Trustee Queries for SMSFs

How to navigate around BGL software to answer any queries that we raise or information that we require.

Home Office Expense Concepts

This video discusses how employees and businesses can claim, including the importance of a 4-week diary.

Fundamental Logbook Issues

This video discusses the role logbooks play in maximising business use and also provides a bonus template for completing the logbook and how to complete it!

Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets

Discusses the main concepts of Asset Protection

HOST Adrian Hill

Maximising Interest Deductions

This video discusses the importance of why you are borrowing the money not what it is secured against, the role a line of credit plays and the importance of an offset account.

So if you have ever had questions or trouble with the above this video is a must-watch!

Why Is Keeping A Travel Diary Important?

Keeping a Travel Diary will help maximise your claimable travel expenses. Adrian goes through everything you need to know so you can get as much of your hard-earned money back as you can back from the tax man.