Amongst the chaos of the Coronavirus panic comes a great opportunity for those wanting to invest in stocks as the global stock market has taken a sharp spiral downwards over recent weeks. Over the past 11 days it has been the most affordable time to buy those shares you may have been eyeing off.

I mean if you want my advice, I’d invest in toilet paper shares as they seem to be going like hot cakes at the moment!

The reason it is best to invest while the market has dipped sharply:

  1. It is cheaper to buy shares, so you spend less of your hard-earned money or you get more shares for the same investment
  2. History has shown that the stock market will usually only go up from here thus potentially increasing your shares and your profit with it

The huge drop in the stock market since the Coronavirus is a sign that people with money at stake think the world economy is going to fall into recession. Now when saying this, the economy will eventually bounce back and the stock market with it, as financial markets are habitual over-reactors.

This “pandemic” has brought prices down and people jump at the chance to take advantage of the bargains, this will ultimately help to push the stock market back up too. So, there will be a small window in which prices will be low to invest in shares so if you’re going to get onto it act quickly before you miss out on maximising this potential investment opportunity.

With saying that, we can’t ever guarantee stocks will grow and you will profit but if you think long term, stocks have consistently grown over a 20-year period. So, make sure that you have a long-term goal in mind when investing if you want to try and maximise your profit, please take the same approach with your super investments too.

With that said we wish you all the best of luck when investing in stocks and hope you all keep safe and healthy through this period of time. Also don’t forget to stock up on that toilet paper apparently, it’s a hot commodity at the moment.