We have delved into the lives of Adrian and Anita Hill, the founders of the business, now we are exploring the life of Kathryn Monger. We all know her well for the amazing work she does but do you know what her favourite hobbies are? What she does outside of work? Or her life as a young girl? Well, you are about to find out ….

Kathryn grew up in Frankston with one older sister and was a huge sports player, I mean she was playing netball, softball, roller-skating and croquet, talk about tiring. On top of all of her sports, she even managed to play the Cello. We have one very skilled woman and it shows in her work.

Kathryn has only ever wanted to achieve two things in her work life and she has achieved both. The first goal she achieved at a younger age when she worked in a bank for 15 years and then the second goal she achieved when she became an accountant. Clearly, she loves numbers and maybe money…. Yeah, definitely money. Kathryn’s favourite part about working with SMSF’s is helping people set themselves up for retirement and guiding them to achieve this.

This one will not shock anyone who knows her well, but her favourite hobby and what she loves to do outside of work is SHOPPING especially in the clothes and shoe department. But if she’s not shopping, she’s out watching her son Luc motorbike riding or going on holidays with the family when that was actually possible. She also loves to have a drink with friends and as you all could imagine; she is the life of the party that doesn’t need any encouraging at all.

Now for some interesting facts and stories about Kathryn, she can still play the Cello!!!! I mean we have to hear this! She can also ride a motorbike, I can see her and Luc tearing it up on the track, ha-ha. When she was younger, she sliced half of her ear off, I can only imagine the questions you must be asking right now but wait till you hear this. She was 6 years old, with an electric mixer baking a cake and you can picture the rest. Her mum had to throw the cake and she left the next day with the family for a camping trip, with half an ear basically, I mean talk about problematic.

I hope you guys learnt a lot about Kathryn, I mean we did and we all work with her! We are very lucky to have her at the office and the amazing work she does for us and her bubbly personality, that we have been missing at lunchtimes now that we are all housebound.